Tina Turbin, Author

"This guidebook is my way of helping the young artists and their parents smoothly, simply and successfully achieve their dreams in the exciting area of show biz.", — Tina Turbin

Who Is Tina Turbin?

The Founder of Show Biz Kids

Tina Turbin opened her studio, Show Biz Kids, in Los Angeles in 1986, founded on the principles she had learned from show-biz industry professionals, research and her own experience in launching her eldest son’s career. Tina has helped start many careers and has assisted a large number of already successful young artists in making correct career moves to greater success. People from all over Los Angeles came to attend the seminars, classes and various workshops she ran personally or arranged for industry professionals to lead.

Tina openly shared the “mysteries” of getting into the business, and her popular seminars and workshops were soon in high demand as more and more attendees found their kids landing jobs for numerous commercials, TV shows (Grounded for Life, Family Matters, Growing Pains, Get a Life, after-school specials, etc.), movies (including Unstrung Heroes and Little Giants) and top roles in professional Broadway theater (Les Misérables and Aida).

In the early nineties Tina and her family became bicoastal, and shortly afterwards she wrote the East Coast Guidebook as a valuable resource for the many parents lacking proper and sufficient information to SUCCESSFULLY launch a child’s career on the East Coast. This guidebook was yet another way for Tina to reach out broadly and help others, a quality that Tina Turbin is well known for.

Tina has worked with children in multiple capacities and maintains a strong interest in other aspects of children’s lives: the family, the importance of the role of a woman and mother to society, health, nutrition and the arts. Tina takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge through her work as a published author and continues to research and write to enrich the lives of others.

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