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Show Biz Kids Eastcoast Guidebook

Reviews from Parents

This data is invaluable for every parent who wants to get their kids in the entertainment field. The way the information was presented is absolutely perfect. This will do more than just fill in the gaps. It shows parents key points they will not know was NEEDED to really help a child’s career. This is a valuable tool for any parent and will help launch a career or help a career already moving along.

Laurie Bartilson
(Children’s Talent Agent and Mother of Lynsey Bartilson, star in Grounded for Life – Fox TV)

Tina Turbin's Guidebook, it is a must! Getting the information that this gave me saved me a considerable amount of time and runway it takes to getting a job that is legitimate. The things "to do and not to do" are so clear to me and helped lots.

Linda Hodge

This was a real eye opener. I had thought it was so "complicated" and "unknowable" except for those who somehow managed to know it already. I now feel I can do things in this area and help my child in this business. Thanks for making it so easy and fun to learn!

Mary Babcock

I can not imagine going at this business without ALL these tools. I would be fumbling. This was excellent. I got a very clear view of what I am going to do now in the commercial, television arena. This data is very valuable in enabling me to fully help my daughter attain her goals as an actress.

Sheryl Culf

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